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Woman Reunites With Rescued Chimp After 18 Years

23-years old Linda Koebner rescued a bunch of chimpanzees from a laboratory back in 1974. She helped the animals learn to live a natural life in the wild where they truly belong. After 18 years, she got a chance to reunite with one of the chimps and guess what? The chimp recognized her!
The power of love is so strong that it requires no language. The chimpanzee instantly knew who his life saviour was and expressed his gratitude by hugging Linda.
Had it not been because of Linda, the chimpanzee along with his mates would have been probably been dead by now or waiting for death to approach in a lab cage. The chimps were used in research for hepatitis treatment and had spent six years in confinement when they were no longer needed. They weren’t released as it was unsure if they would be able to cope with the outer world.
Linda came into their lives as an angel and showed them sunlight for the first time.

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