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Black Lives Matter

Black Man Gets Shot by Florida Police While Trying to Calm His Autistic Patient

Do black lives matter to the US anymore? We have our doubts! Just recently, a man named Charles Kinsey was shot dead by Florida police. Kinsey wasn’t a criminal, nor did he have a gun with him. He is a behavioural therapist, a simple man who works for the betterment of people suffering from autism. That day too, he was with his autistic patient when he was shot even after he told the police that he was unarmed.

Kinsey was trying to calm down his patient who escaped from his North Miami assisted living facility. Both were in the middle of the street when police arrived. Police mistook the toy truck in the hand of the autistic patient to be a gun. They opened fire and hit Kinsey in his leg.

The incident where Kinsey is raising his arms in the air and indicating the police that he has no weapons was filmed by a bystander.  In the video, Kinsey could be heard shouting at the police, “All he has is a toy truck in his hands, a toy truck. I am a behavior therapist at the group home. That’s all it is.”

Kinsey 1
Kinsey sharing what happened from in hospital bed

Kinsey is recovering in a local hospital in Miami. He said in his statement from his hospital bed, “I was really more worried about him [the patient] more than myself because … once I’ve got my hands up they’re not going to shoot me, this is what I’m thinking, they’re not going to shoot me. Wow, was I wrong?”

While there is a growing tension and world-wide protests against the insane killing of African Americans by the police, this unfortunate incident has beamed the discrimination and injustice. In a shocking report released by The Guardian, nearly 25% of the people killed by the police in the US every year were Black. It is high time to stop this racism.

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