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An Open Letter to the Mayor of Cannes on the Ban of Burkini

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The recent ban of burkini (full-body swimsuit) has raised a lot of speculation and rage about the mentality of the so-called ‘forward-thinking’ people who judge women on the basis of their clothes.

We keep hearing every now and then about the ban on short, skimpy dressing but outlawing a full-body covered outfit is new and quite shocking! The mayor of Cannes in France, David Lisnar, has prohibited burkinis from the French city’s beaches. Lisnar has issued the order stating that burkinis symbolize Islamic extremism, thus threatening France’s security which has been under a lot of terrorist attacks of late. One of our female writers decided to pen down a letter to Lisnar with her views on the ban:

Dear Mr Lisnar,

You are sitting on the chair of the mayor of Cannes with the responsibility to ensure peace amongst various other things in the city. And I’m sure you have taken your job quite seriously, now that you have banned burkinis from French beaches.

I wish I could say that your ordinance would have jabbed terrorism right into the eye, but sorry to say, the ban is absurd and won’t help at all. I mean, come to think of it, if a woman wears a bikini, would that be enough to tag her as non-terrorist? In that case, ISIS will start using bikinis as their new weapon.

Just because a woman chooses to cover her body, for whatever reason, doesn’t justify your presumption that she is a member of a terrorist group. Be it a religious connotation, a shy factor or merely an escape from the sun tan, a woman has every right to choose what she wants to wear. She wants to wrap herself in a burkini or enjoy the sun in a bikini, it’s absolutely her choice.

The thought that a burkini is a symbol of terrorism is unacceptable and absurd. It is not the clothing that makes a person but it’s the mindset that counts. Mr Lisnar, you might be thinking of yourself as the liberal, open-minded westerner but it’s time you do a reality-check.  

My mother wears a burkini when we go for a swim in the pool or the beach and she is definitely not from Al-Qaeda or ISIS! In fact, she is a pacifist who mourns the inhumane terror deaths across the globe, just like how any of us do.

And Mr Lisnar! On a practical ground, how about shifting your focus on a stronger security base in the country instead? That is the call of the hour, really! Terrorism strikes France or any other country not because of clothes or appearance. It’s because some demons want to overrule the good with their power and in all of this, millions have to lose their lives or of their loved ones and that includes Muslims too.  

Praying for a peaceful and fair world!

Yours’ sincerely,

A woman and a Muslim (but not a terrorist)


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