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10 Reasons why it’s Amazing to Have a Sister


Whether you’re born from the same mother or not, having a sister is a blessing that every person should be bestowed upon with. Here are ten reasons why life without sisters would be boring:

1. She is your friend for life

A sister is someone who lives all the cherished as well as dark moments of your life. She is a friend you can rely on anytime and who will always stand by your side.

2. She is the one you can share your secrets with

Secrets can be kept safe with your sister. She will never say it loud and will respect your secrecy.

3. She will never judge you, and accept and love you the way you are

Sisters love you with your flaws and your baggage. She will never judge you, although she might share some criticism but at the end of the day you’ll realise it’s for your own good only.

4. She will help you convince your parents for something they were otherwise not agreeing to

Dying to go on a girls’ trip to Europe and your Mom’s too scared to send you on that wild expedition? The solution is your sister! Or you love a guy and your parents aren’t approving on your relationship? Your sister will help you out! The trick is simple: get your sister in confidence and work your way out!

5. The gifts you buy for her will remain at home 😉

You get to choose a gift for your sister as per your interest. After all, if she doesn’t use the gift, you get it!

6. You can wear her clothes

If you’re a girl, you are privileged to dig into your sister’s wardrobe. Even if you’re not of the same size you will find something that will compliment your personality (after all your sister is a reflection of you). And if you’re a boy, she will help shop for your girlfriend! Of course, be ready to buy her something.


7. You will never be lonely

The best thing about having a sibling is that you will never be a loner. Be it as children to play outdoor games or as adults to watch movies or go for drives, your sister has always been there to accompany you.

8. She is proud of your achievements

No matter how big or small your achievement is, one person who is proud of you after your parents is your sister.

9. She covers up all your mistakes and goof ups

You make mistakes and she covers up- such is the relationship one shares with his/her sister.

10. She will always be your pillar of strength

Ups and downs are part and parcel of life, and a sister is someone who will be your backbone of strength, will hold you tight and say ‘it’s alright!’

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