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Blood ad

This Sanitary Napkin Ad Doesn’t Shy Away From Blood


As kids we have always wondered what the blue gel on sanitary napkins was in the TV ads that we saw. I even asked my Mom once if we women bleed ‘blue’!

The reality was that sanitary brands hesitated from showing the actual ‘red’ blood which we humans have running through our veins and we women release through our periods. I never got the logic for the hiding. Is it the colour that was the taboo? What is there to be ashamed of? It’s just blood, like how a cut on my hand would be.

To break the age-old stereotype, sanitary brand Bodyform’s recent ad showing strong and tough sportswomen not stopping to play because of their periods has moved the internet and peoples’ minds. The biggest factor for this revolutionary ad is that it shows ‘real blood’ instead of blue liquid.

The on-your-face ad, called ‘Blood’, shows the hard work of women from the fields like rugby, running, mountain biking, surfing, skateboarding, rock climbing, boxing, swimming and ballet dancing, with their periods. Blood is seen dripping from the face, hands, feet of the women but they don’t stop from what they intend to achieve.

“NO BLOOD SHOULD HOLD US BACK” – Simple and clear, this is the tagline for the ad which explains the very fact that periods can never come on the way to success of a woman.

Watch the ad here:

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