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Embrace Yoga and Discover Your True Senses

By Benazir Suraiya

“Health is wealth” – as the famous saying goes, thou shall be the practice! Leading a healthy lifestyle is the crux of overall well-being and yoga tops up the cake with the perfect cherry.

Being a yogi myself, very soon I realised that happiness lies in inner peace and a beautiful body. The beauty here is synonymous with health and fitness. A couple of years ago, I experienced an emotional turmoil and it was yoga that healed me. Recently, when I was injured in a road accident, yoga again blessed me with strength.


Originated in India, yoga has been absorbed in the mind and soul of the people across the globe. Sometime ago, a photograph of Canada PM Justin Trudeau went viral where he is doing the difficult peacock pose on a conference table where he balanced his body on his wrists. Trudeau’s wife Sophie Grégoire Trudeau compliments him in his prowess in yoga. At the age of 17, Sophie suffered from bulimia nervosa. But within a few years, she recovered – all thanks to yoga!


Bollywood’s sultry beauty Shilpa Shetty, who is adored for her curves, gives all the credit to yoga for her toned figure.

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The smoking hot Lisa Haydon started practising yoga at a very young age and has ever since not looked back. Her recent pictures of yoga asanas leave us jaw-dropped. Now we know the secret to that fab body!

lisa haydon

In his PETA ad, yoga guru Late BKS Iyengar posed next to the words, “Energize Your Mind, Body, and Spirit. Go Vegetarian.”


Rinku Suri, who owns Yoga 101 in Mumbai, is an ardent yoga practitioner. She believes in living an organic way of life and her eco-friendly yoga studio very well explains it. Suri says, “How you stand in life, that’s your true asana. How to enjoy each exhalation and inhalation in life, that’s Yoga.”

Rinku Suri

Popular yoga trainer and owner of The Yoga Gallery in Juhu, Sunaina Rekhi, knows her chakras well. Also a mother, Rekhi attained salvation in yoga. “When I started my journey with yoga it was because ‘I had to’ since I really needed it. Today it is because ‘I want to’ and I truly love it. Yoga makes my body smile,” she said.

Sunaina Rekhi

Yoga contributes a lot to put a variety of diseases at ease. It helps prevent or cure diseases like diabetes, heart problem, strokes, high blood pressure and Alzheimer’s, and also lubricate joints and bring in mental balance.

Come, take a pledge to surrender yourself to the goodness of yoga!

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