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Unbelievable Fact! Goats Were the Ones Who Discovered Coffee

Did you ever think that a goat would drink coffee? I mean coffee is for humans, right?! Well, goats love coffee and they are the ones who actually discovered the addictive beans.

The story goes back to 858 AD when there was an Ethopian goatherd named Kaldi. One day, Kaldi was playing his flute to gather his goats from their daily walk but strangely that day the goats didn’t come back to his melodious tune. Kaldi became curious as this had never happened in the past. He went on to investigate as to what his goats were up to.

Goat collage

To his astonishment, he found the goats jumping, playing and dancing with an extra level of energy. Then he notices the red berries and fine leaves of a tree around which his goats were herding. On a closer look, he found his goats eating the red berries. He also ate a berry and felt an instant rush of energy forming up in his body. That’s when he realized that these berries generated energy in the goats’ bodies making them active and enthusiastic.

Kaldi carried some of the berries and leaves home with him along with the goats and told about his discovery to his fellow villagers. The villagers brewed the cherries and the leaves to create an energy-driven drink. This was when coffee became a part of people’s day-to-day life.

Even today, goats in several places including India, Brazil, Vietnam and Indonesia eat coffee berries (or beans)! We should thank these generous animals for the world’s greatest discovery ‘coffee’ as it saves us from dozing off at boring meetings or dates 😛

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