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Will Anushka Inspire Salman to Go the Vegetarian Way?

It’s over a year that Anushka Sharma has been a vegetarian and she looks fit than ever. In fact the leggy-lass credits her veggie diet for making her feel light. She was even given the Hottest Vegetarian Celebrity Award by animal rights group PETA for her kind choice.

Whether it’s her food habits, fitness goals or her pawsitive messages about helping animals during crisis, she has always had a great influence on her fans and friends.  And now, it seems the latest person to get inspired by this beauty is none other than the Sultan Salman Khan himself.  Anushka recently took to social media and posted photos and video of Salman and herself trying out some organic tomatoes and Salman seems to be enjoying it.

After Aamir Khan and Kangana Ranaut, will Salman Khan make an announcement that he is going vegan? You never know!

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