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The Rajnikant Effect: India Declares Kabali Day on 22nd July

By Ambarin Suraiya
By Ambarin Suraiya

He has a temple in his name, his fans worship him like gods! Such is the aura of Rajnikant. And now that his most-awaited film, his biggest bang of the year Kabali is releasing this Friday, we can only imagine people’s level of excitement.

You will be stunned to see the unbelievable fan moments of Rajni:

A lot of companies across Tamil Nadu and Karnataka have declared a holiday on 22nd July.

Kabali 3

Those die-hard Rajni fans who couldn’t get an off that day, like me, have applied for leaves just to get a glance of the “God”.

The fever isn’t restricted only to South India. Aurora Theatre in King’s Circle which is 74 years old will run shows even before the first beam of sunlight at 3 am and go on till the 9pm show.

Kabali 8

The amchi Mumbai autowallahs are giving free rides to passengers who want to watch the movie. Well, I do!

Kabali 7

Fans are painting their cars with Kabali poster

Kabali 1

On Friday, an Air Asia plane painted in Kabali poster will fly fans from Bengaluru to Chennai for the movie’s first show

Kabali 2

You won’t find tickets available, even online. It’s all sold out. People are queuing up at theatres for hours.



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