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Nike Goes Da Da Ding with Deepika Padukone as the New Face

Yes, Nike’s new face has been unveiled and it’s none other than the sultry beauty Deepika Padukone. The actress is already on a roll with back to back hits and a Hollywood film in her kitty, and now the Nike brand endorsement is a cherry over the cake.

Deepika posted the Nike commercial featuring her with a host of sportspersons, training, falling and getting up again. The actress posted this video with a heartfelt message on her Facebook page.

“When I was growing up my father said to me, “To be the best, always remember the three D’s – Discipline, Dedication and Determination. Follow your heart. Do what you are passionate about.”

Sport has taught me how to handle failure. It has also taught me how to handle success. It has kept me grounded. It has taught me humility.

Two years ago I struggled with depression. I was sinking. I almost gave up. But it was the athlete in me that gave me the strength to fight and never ever give up!

And so I want to say to every girl and every boy and every woman and every man…play a sport…because it changed my life…and it will change yours too!

Sport has taught me how to survive! It has taught me how to fight! It has made me unstoppable!


Deepika looks at her best till date with that fit body! We love the ad. Tell us what you think?

You can watch the commercial here.

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