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Embrace Yoga and Discover Your True Senses

“Health is wealth” – as the famous saying goes, thou shall be the practice! Leading a healthy lifestyle is the crux of overall well-being and yoga tops up the cake with the perfect cherry. Being a yogi myself, very soon I realised that happiness lies in inner peace and a …

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The Two-Faces of the Indian Government On Tobacco

The start of tobacco consumption in India dates back to the 17th century. Initially, tobacco usage was limited to chewing tobacco leaves or smoking tobacco. Today, a variety of products containing tobacco are widely available in the form of beedi, cigarette, chillum, khaini, gutkha and paan masala. Since 1947, the …

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Pimples? Dump Them This Summer with 5 Easy Steps

Summer’s here and so are your colorful, skin-revealing clothes! But can’t show your skin off due to pimples and acne? Not anymore! We bring you 5 simple ways to ditch pimples this summer with no traces of them. 1. Rose Water Known as a natural toner, rose water brings a cooling …

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Why You Shouldn’t Shut The Fart Up!

Don’t be embarrassed, there’s nothing wrong in letting that air go. Yes, you read it correctly. Farting is a sign of good health and studies have proven this. As natural as farting is, people tend to look down on it; but flatulence may be a great way to let people …

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