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5 Fabulous Easy Recipes Made from Oatmeal

Just like an apple, oatmeal everyday also keeps doctors away. Oatmeal is rich on a fiber called beta-glucan which helps in lowering the cholesterol level and stabilizing blood sugar. It also prevents constipation and improves the digestive system in our body. However, the traditional way of consuming oats in the …

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Have You Tried These Easy-Peasy Smoothies Yet?

Every year we feel the global warming at its peak with the weather getting hotter and hotter. And in such heat, all you want to do is drink unlimited refreshers. We bring you some awesome tried and tested smoothies experimented at home. Mangolaaaaa               …

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5 Fruits that will Help You Beat The Heat This Summer

Is the scorching heat taking a toll on your health? Indian summers can reach to an extreme degree where all you feel is dehydrated, despite the amount of ice water and air conditioning you pamper yourself with. Here are 5 fruits easily available in the market to refresh you this …

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