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5 Fabulous Easy Recipes Made from Oatmeal

Just like an apple, oatmeal everyday also keeps doctors away. Oatmeal is rich on a fiber called beta-glucan which helps in lowering the cholesterol level and stabilizing blood sugar. It also prevents constipation and improves the digestive system in our body. However, the traditional way of consuming oats in the …

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Diary of a Desi Traveller: Maldives (Part Two)

You have earlier read about our Desi traveller’s dream to explore the azure blue waters of Maldives and how she finally convinced her bestie to set out for the expedition. In this blog, she talks about her experiences in the land of pristine beaches. We collected our luggage, got our …

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Black magic

The Land That Speaks Black Magic – Mayong

Just 50 kilometers from the city of Guwahati is a village which is secluded and away from the hustle and bustle of the world. An island surrounded by the mighty Brahmaputra river and at the heart of it is the Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary famous for the one-horned rhinoceros, the inhabitants of …

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Embrace Yoga and Discover Your True Senses

“Health is wealth” – as the famous saying goes, thou shall be the practice! Leading a healthy lifestyle is the crux of overall well-being and yoga tops up the cake with the perfect cherry. Being a yogi myself, very soon I realised that happiness lies in inner peace and a …

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